Box Office Features

All features you see where built with you in mind. Our platform is here to provide you the tools and control to run an online box office without the additional cost typically applied by other platforms and charged to YOUR Customers.

The Only Box Office System You Need

Our complete box office platform will provide you all the tools you’ll need to run a smooth operation. 

Website Plugin

We create your event and seat map on our system. This includes all payment, ticket delivery and checkout settings. We then provide you with a line of Javascript code to include on your site on the page where you would like to sell tickets. Your customers simply go to your page, select their seats, and checkout, all within your site. Note, this is NOT a framed page, our plugin is completely integrated into your site, and will be a seamless experience for your customers.

Box Office Sales

While most patrons are comfortable with purchasing their tickets online, occasionally you have customers who would prefer to call the box office and order tickets, or purchase tickets in person. With Wicked Tickets’s admin checkout feature, you can bypass the automatic payment processing to process cash or check payments, or to issue comp tickets. You simply go through the same seat selection process as any other customer, but as an administrator you can use the Admin Checkout dialog.

Easy Payment Processing

At Wicked Tickets, we offer several options for payment processing. If you have your own merchant account, we will integrate your payment gateway into your ticketing site and you will collect the payments directly. If you do not have one we can assist you in the process of obtaining one. 

Ticket Printing

E-Tickets are issued to customers in the standard 8.5 x 11 format for easy at-home printing. 

The tickets are printed quickly and efficiently, with all the information and barcode intact. This is very useful for tickets being held at Will Call.

Reporting & Customer Relations

Our box office software comes with flexible reporting that allows you to perform custom searches based on any number of criteria, so the information you need is always at your fingertips. You can also export your search results to Excel, which includes all your customer data, so you can use it for email marketing purposes.

Your Benefits

  • Lowest cost in the industry
  • Web-based Box Office open 24/7
  • Process payments through your payment gateway
  • Take orders easily over the phone & online
  • Set your own delivery options
  • Your ticketing site is created using YOUR BRAND, and made to look like part of your website

Looking For Your Next Move? Checkout These Three Steps.

Our complete box office platform was developed by developers with the understanding that a smooth set up and website intergration is a must, and I think we achieve it. 

Step 1. Setup Your Online Box Office

Provide information about your venue or venues. Including but not limited to:

  • Room Dimensions
  • Stage Orientation,
  • Seating Information
  • General Admissions , etc.

We will create a graphic based on the information provided that will give your customers a realistic view of the venue.

The seats will even be displayed as angled to accommodate all types of venue layouts.

No other ticketing service comes close to our seating layout

Step 2. Integrate Website & Payment Gateway

Once we have built your online box office, we’ll also integrate your  Payment Gateway / Merchant Service.

Once setup, you’ll be able to process and sell tickets as-easy-as this……………


Step 3. Create Your First Event

In less than 5 minutes you can create your first event complete with assigned or reserved seating, general admissions as well as ticket values as needed. 

Check out his video and let us know if this isn’t one of the coolest platforms you’ve seen? 

Providing a Great User Experience Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We’ve built a powerful tool and provide the support needed to self manage your online box office – all in a single place.

Check out your customers purchasing experience. 

Reach out today for a live demo. 

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